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BA Pear Brandy [Pre-Order]

BA Pear Brandy [Pre-Order]

BA Imperial Stout

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Description: We conditioned one of our decadent stout bases in three Pear Brandy barrels, letting the beer soak up the barrel’s love for 18 months. We then conditioned the stout on house grilled pears, coated with honey and grilled to perfect caramelization. We’ve been waiting a long time to finish and share this one, and the worth is definitely worth the wait. 

ABV: 13.5%

Style: BA Imperial Stout

Untappd Rating: 4.34

Size: 500ML Bottle

Canned On: 02 Feb


It is recommended that all beers purchased be kept cold upon arrival to your home.

This product is expected to deliver in mid April.

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